I’m here for a week with my mom while she attends a conference. Since I’m here I’m considering this week my last lil vacation till I go back to work. Now it’s only Monday, but I don’t want to be stuck in th hotel all day everyday. Today I strolled around Point State Park, the park across the street from the hotel. The view is so nice. With the weather making its way to the 90s, the breeze made the water from the fountain the perfect breeze with a hint of mist.

Usually Monday is the day where I’m my most comfortable. I try to go for the “I’m here to have a good time but be comfortable at the same time” look. So from top to bottom is from FTF (Fashion To Figure). The top is a white detailed crop top that is part of an all white 2 piece set. The bottoms are my favorite harlem (hammer time…cant touch this) pants. Tying the jean jacket around my waist was the perfect amount of umph into the whole look. 

We’ll see what’s up Puttsburg sleeve this week. I just hope it’s not gonna rain 3 days in a row like the weather man said it was. Anywho, have a marvelous Monday! See ya babies later
Top: Fashion To Figure
Bottom: Fashion To Figure 
Shoes: Coach Factory

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