Tulle Skirt

I’ve always, I mean always wanted a tulle skirt. I’ve seen so many people on social media with one on and I felt like I needed one because they are just too cute. I’ve owned a few when I was younger when I was a ballerina, but this is now. It took me a while to find one in my size and in the budget, but my hopes and dreams of owning one came true when we got some in at work(Fashion To Figure.) When I saw it I grabbed it and made sure I got it because they would fly off the rack.

When it comes to tulle skirts, tucking in the top is the perfect way to wear it. The top I am wearing is actually a dress. The different shirts I tried on were either too hot or just didn’t look right. So I figured that wearing a dress would do justice since I planned on tucking in the top. To give this two different styles, I decided to wear both heels and chucks for the the dressy and casual look.

Typically when people where a tulle skirt they look like they are going somewhere fancy or out for the night. Me? I’m just going to work lol. I figure I wear it to the place where we sell them to at least give the guest an idea of how to style it. Advertisement is key when you work in retail. Nothing looks the same on the hanger when its on your body. So I want to be the guide and the stylist to their choices. As an aspiring stylist, its the least I can do.





Outfit Details 

Top, Bottom, & Shades: Fashion To Figure

Purse: Coach Factory

Jewelry: Lanell’s Jewelry Box

Shoes: Guess (Heels) Chucks (Payless)


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