Dress & Boots

Hey lovelies!!! Happy Tuesday!

I am in love with the tunic and boots combo. I decided that this would be a perfect outfit for today’s gloomy weather. This tunic dress is everything! It was the last one on the rack at Ross and in MY size. This was conformation that this dress is meant for me.

Yes, I said Ross. I’m trying to tell you Ross, TJ Maxx, and Marshall’s are my go to store when I’m balling on a budget. The ruby red boots are so old. I believe that I’ve had these for at least 5-6 years. Out of all the boots that I’ve had these have never worn out. All I ever have to do is put the lent roller on it and they look brand new. No matter how cool the breeze may be the dress, leather jacket, and boots keep me oh so warm.

As you can see my hair has been blown out and conditioned, thanks to the Carol’s Daughter products, coconut oil, and castor oil that I purchased yesterday. I swear the process of detangling my hair has never been so easy. I will be using these products and the method for now on.

Outfit Details

Jacket: Fashion To Figure

Dress: Cha Cha Vente (Ross)

Jewelry: Lanell’s Jewelry Box 

Boots: Unknown

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