Yes, the weekend is over and we have to get back to reality. Like most people I’m not a fan of Mondays, but as every weekend ends we gotta make those Mondays work. You know on most Fridays people decide to wear those cute new shoes or that new dress to start their weekend off right. Me on the other hand,  I usually take my Mondays by the horns and dress my best. It gives me the chance to actually start my week off on the right foot other than ending it off strong.

It seems like here in Maryland we have skipped hoodie season and went straight to coat season. With the weather only reaching the high 50s this morning of course I had to pull ol’ faithful out the back of the closet. When I first received this Caren Sport jacket a few years ago I had no love for it. I found everything wrong with it. Now, I love it. I have no idea what made me hate this jacket but I’m just glad I kept around for this long. Pairing it with my favorite black midi dress from FTF was the perfect thing to do. It definitely  is doing its job by keeping me warm and extremely cute. I mean don’t you agree? 

Whatever you do to start your Mondazes off on the right foot, if its getting a Venti Latte from Starbucks, working out, wearing something new, or eating a big breakfast before work, do it. Make this week your week. Happy Monday!!

Outfit Details

Coat: Caren Sport (Sears)

Dress & Purse: Fashion To Figure

Necklace & Shoes: Forever 21


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