Nothing To Wear

I know we all have said this before while getting ready on many occasions. What makes this statement worse is, we typically are standing in front of a closet full or even overflowing with clothes. I can honestly say I’m guilty. There have been plenty of shirts with different phrases on them. Flawless & I woke […]



Hey hey! I have a love for cargo anything. When I was younger I would wear cargo shorts, yes the men cargo shorts. They felt good and all the pockets were everything to me. There was nothing like this for my size back then so I went to what I knew. Now I’ve seen more […]



Yes, the weekend is over and we have to get back to reality. Like most people I’m not a fan of Mondays, but as every weekend ends we gotta make those Mondays work. You know on most Fridays people decide to wear those cute new shoes or that new dress to start their weekend off […]