Hey hey! I have a love for cargo anything. When I was younger I would wear cargo shorts, yes the men cargo shorts. They felt good and all the pockets were everything to me. There was nothing like this for my size back then so I went to what I knew. Now I’ve seen more cargo options for my thick thighs.

When these pants first got to the store they were flying off the racks. There were probably 5 pair left and of course they weren’t my size. I gave up on getting them and got over the idea of owning a pair. That all changed about a week ago. There was a pair that somehow, someway made their way back in the store and had been in the sale rack. To make it better, they were my size. I believe that whenever a piece that I’ve had my eye on gets returned & it’s in my size, it is all mine.

I was so glad I purchased these pants. They run a little big, but that doesn’t bother me at all. That extra room makes them extra comfortable & like I said before there are plenty of pockets! I’ll have my eyes open to see if any other stores offer anything like these in different styles. I will say that these might be my ideal pair of camo style pants.


Outfit Details:


Jewelry: Charming Charlie

Bottom & Purse: FTF


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