A Pisces’ Style During Pisces Season

Love weekend is officially over, and Valentine’s Day moves have been made. I love, love, so I’ve been watching everybody show their significant others, family, and friends (because Valentine’s day isn’t just for the lovers) how much they love them. This was me all weekend:

Did I have any plans? Yes. I. Did! I treated myself to a massage (my favorite form of self-care right behind going to concerts) and got dinner for the family. It was a successful self-care day, if I do say so myself!

Now that love day has passed, what am I genuinely excited for? PISCES SEASONNNN!!!! And since we are on the eve of such a glorious season, I figured why not tap into my truest pisces self!

I thrive in this season, especially in March since it is March Madness (my parents and I are ALL born in March, so it’s a never-ending party). And since I am on the journey of elevating my style (I purged my closet and have so much space for growth), I figured why not look into a Pisces style. I am no astrology expert, but sometimes the stars are a little too accurate, so I am always looking into what my big three and venus say about me. When it comes to my sun sign, the characteristics used to describe us are moody, dreamy, sensitive, romantic, intuitive, unworldly, and so much more. So when I think about just a few of those words, I think about flowy pieces, bold prints, with a softness still present.

When you think about some iconic Pisces, who immediately comes to your mind? Don’t worry, I know we all thought about the talented, beautiful, Rihanna!!!! But some other Pisces that come to my mind are Eryka Badu, Lupita Nyong’o, and Jhene Aiko, to name a few. Their styles are completely different, but they also capture authentic Pisces energy!

These few pictures do not touch the surface of each of their styles. If you want to see for yourself go ahead and browse through the plenty of pictures throughout the internet. If you want to go even further look into the celebs that share your same sun sign and see what their styles are.

What can I take from each of these women’s style and make it work for me? I can capture the essence of femininity from Jhene Aiko and Lupita Nyong’o’s styles, the electrics and not afraid of taking risks from Erykah, and then be utterly unapologetic about what I wear because I want to wear it for me from Rihanna.

I have a few new pieces that I plan to show off real soon, but for now, I’m going to take notes to step into Pisces season as Pisces as I can get!

Be safe and enjoy your weekend

See you in the next one

Xoxo, Jonice 💋

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