DIY Halloween Costume

Let me set the scene. It’s October, and you finally decided that you’ll be going out for Halloween. You haven’t been out in years and missed out last year for obvious reasons. You’ve been searching for the perfect costume, but you can’t find anything that says “pick me.” The month has been flying by, and now it’s Halloween weekend. What do you do? Go to Spirit and hope for the best or order something online and pray it gets here on time? NOPE Get the idea of what you want to be and DIY! I’ve been doing it for years and it hasn’t failed me yet. See for yourself:

Yes, I’ve been in the house passing out candy to the kids wishing I was out, but this year is different.

I will be OUTSIDE in not one but two costumes, and they both will be DIY. I like these kinds of costumes because, in the end, I end up having pieces that I can wear again instead of the costume collecting dust over the years.

So what will I be this year? A witch and a girl scout. How last minute are these costumes? The witch costume I will be wearing was picked out a few days ago while on Facetime with my cousin Jordan and the girl scout costume is the main star. I’ve been getting pieces in the mail to make it perfect. I found my old girl scout sash last month and I knew that I had to make it happen this year.

I went to Shein and got the perfect top and skirt to create the sexy girl scout look. I then ordered some patches off amazon (since my sash only had one patch) and some new shoes.

The witch look is brought to you by a mesh cardigan that I’ve had for years and the slip dress that goes under this top from Target.

I’ll be wearing my go-to black boots along with some tights to add some texture and umph to the costume. Once I add a little black lipstick, a witch hat and a few accessories, and I’ll be ready for whatever the night has for me. Casting spells left and right.

Moral of this blog post: DIY costumes will always come through no matter if it’s last-minute or a well-thought-out plan.

Do what you have to do to have a good time this weekend. Pass out candy or attend a few parties, just make sure that whatever you do that your costume is on point and perfect for you!

Trust and believe y’all will see me in each look this weekend! Keep an eye on our IG so you don’t miss anything.

Be safe and enjoy this weekend!
See you in the next one
Xoxo, Jonice 💋

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