I don’t know about you, but I’m ready & not ready at the same time to put my summer clothes away. Nothing can top the coziness of a hoodie or sweater dress, but there is nothing wrong with layering. That’s where your summer clothes and playing dress-up come together. In today’s post, I’ll be showing you how to bring longevity to some of your favorite summer clothes with a few pieces from our Anniversary Collection.

This hands down have been my favorite collection to date that we dropped since we opened last year. I have worn each piece multiple times during the summer and I plan to keep them in rotation until I don’t want to anymore. Domanique, our two-piece tie-dye set, is perfect for this time of the year.

Why? Well because it’s beyond soft and cozy, you can wear it together or separately, and since we’re still in fake Fall, you won’t sweat your life away if you do wear it. Just know if anything, I will be in this for a while.

Lindsey has played a major role in my summer wardrobe, and I know wearing shorts in the Fall isn’t new. By now, you already know you will see me in them for the next couple of weeks.

You can do so much with them! You can wear pantyhose under them or even tights with some designs on them. Since the weather is still nice you don’t have to wear tights under them at all.

Pair the shorts with your favorite pair of boots that are either thigh-highs or knee-length can add so much to your looks. Just add the right accessories that can and more than likely will take your look to the next level!

Let’s Take a Trip is a piece that most people won’t wear the minute the weather changes, and I know exactly why. The potential to get cold the minute the cool wind hits you will send you back in the house to change. To settle that I have worn our scarf top with a duster and my teddy jacket. Each piece I have layered this top with is cozy enough to keep on and not have to worry about taking it off because it’s too hot.

Wearing it during the day you might take it off but you’re going out at night keeping your layered piece on is ideal! Have fun with it and even layer the top with a light turtleneck under it to switch it up completely.

Once it gets too cold outside I usually wear my summer dresses around the house. It’s the next best thing to wearing a moomoo, but I’m challenging myself to bring them outside and layer up! I don’t have many turtleneck tops but that will change because I have plans. These plans will all be about layering to complete looks or make some of their own. The first thing I’ll be layering is Luxe! Below you will see that I layered it with one of the tops that I got from Boohoo.

The sleeves are giving drama and adds so much to the dress. If you don’t want to be as dramatic then a simple turtleneck will do. A leather jacket or a trench coat will also be the piece that will keep you warm but not take away from your looks.

If you want to layer with a few of our pieces this is the perfect time to order from us! Use code WEUP when you checkout to get 20% off everything! This sale will be over on 10/10 at 11:59pm EST!

No matter how you decide to bring your summer clothes out to play make sure to make it you and have it up! Stay cozy and get ready to break all the necks during the cooler days to come!

Be safe this weekend
See you in the next one

Xoxo, Jonice 💋

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