Vegas Owes Me Nothing

A week-long trip with my family was necessary, and to be honest, I did not want to leave. Vegas has left a mark on me, and I must go back soon. Even though the heat that everybody warned me about was all true, I enjoyed myself nonetheless.

The minute we landed and got to our hotel where did I go? TO THE BAR! Let me say that The Aria is gorgeous!! I highly recommend staying there if you ever find yourself on vacation in Vegas. Yes, it was like 8 am, but who cared at that moment? Not I. We were only there till Friday, so I wanted to make sure that the fun started immediately.

And it did! Once we checked in and got settled in our rooms, Vegas was free game. I played the slots a little bit, ate, and most definitely had a drink in my hand lol.

The next day was where the real fun started. My family and I walked the strip a little bit and decided we deserved brunch. After a 45 min wait, we were seated at a local restaurant in The Mirage. Beautiful is an understatement. Everything about that hotel said luxury. I got a few pics at the entrance in our Let’s Take A Trip top. It was the most appropriate thing to wear in heat like that.

The day continued with a stop at Fat Tuesday’s and another casino. Trying to get dinner that night was difficult because every place we went to was either about to close or not seating or taking any more orders, but we prevailed. Room service and a walk to the nearest burger place made everybody’s night so much better.

The next day I made it my mission to go to the pool. I bought about five swimsuits with me on this trip, so I was determined to be laid out poolside in at least one of them. Trust and believe I made my way to the pool which turned out to be four different pools. It was plenty of people already out there, so I wanted to find a seat somewhere comfortable. I’m not going to lie being out there by myself and the ONLY black person, I felt like all eyes were on me, especially since the swimsuit I had on was beyond SEXYY!

From Hogoè Kpessou

BUT that didn’t stop me from taking my coverup off and taking up space. The minute I put my sunscreen on and ordered some food I was in my element.

You could not tell me sh*t! Shoutout to my waitress Cece for being so amazing. I ended up going back to the pool the next day and did the same thing, just in an even more sexy two-piece swimsuit.

I was the definition of feeling myself those two days.

The rest of the trip consisted of my family and I walking and doing the most being tourists. I didn’t get a chance to do everything on my to-do list but believe me when I say I’ll be back to mark if not everything off my list. I thought about staying an extra night to go see Bruno Mars perform, but responsibilities were telling me to relax and pack my bags.

I know for a fact that this trip was long overdue, but it did not disappoint. I didn’t have a bad experience at all the entire trip (outside of my luggage not getting on the plane with me) and I know that this won’t be the last time I’ll be there. If this trip didn’t do anything, it showed me that I have to travel more, across the US and soon enough abroad. The next trip will be happening sooner than later because I can’t deprive myself of that kind of joy anymore. I have some more swimsuits that I got in the mail that needs to be worn expeditiously. Till then, I’ll be planning for it to come true.

One thing I want you to take away from my trip: Travel more and look good while doing it!

If you want to see the trip summed up in 20 secs click here!

Be safe and see you in the next one

Xoxo, Jonice 💋

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