6 Ways To Keep Busy During The Coronavirus Pandemic

“Rona is upsetting me and my homegirls. If we can’t go outside where are we supposed to go?”

bella noche

Hunny I am so sick of Cororo aka Covid-19. She has made her presence known and it’s too close for comfort. I am ready to branch out and spread my wings lol. It was really good about a week ago. I made sure I had fun during my birthday weekend though. Now I’m sitting by the window reminiscing over the good times of being out and about. I’m a true homebody, but when I’m being told that I have to stay in it just makes me want to go out even more. But since I want to help in flattening the curve, I’ll be in the house till further notice. That means that I’ve been finding new ways to entertain myself in the house. So I thought today’s post could help out in some way to keep you just as entertained.

Binge a new show/old shows and movies

I recently ended my relationship with Netflix (such a terrible time to do that right?) but there are plenty of other streaming services that are available for our viewing pleasure. I took a day to add a few movies and shows to my watchlist on Amazon Prime. I’m set for a few days. There’s also Disney+ and when anything else fails Youtube is always on your side. Lets not forget about the handy dandy FIRESTICKKK!!!! I’ll admit I’ve fallen down a few very interesting rabbit holes, to say the least.


I can cook, but only do it when I’m in the mood or have to, so here we are. I’ve made breakfast multiple times because who doesn’t breakfast. I also have made plenty of sammiches and heated leftovers that my father made. When I start to run low on groceries I’ll go to the store and grab a few ingredients for some recipes I haven’t tried yet from Pinterest. If they turn out delicious I’ll add them to go-to dishes. What’re some of yours?

Working Out

I already like working out at home so this isn’t a huge problem, but the problem is doing the workouts lol. Sis is struggling, I am sis. I’ve found a few workouts on youtube that nearly took me out last night, but I know if I keep this up they’ll become easier and I will be a little toned. What are some workouts that work best for you while at home?

Work on projects

I know many people have side hustles and don’t get time to fully put their all into it like they wish they could. Well, take this time to be productive in any way you see fit. Make some content, create that mailing list, interact with your audience. Do what you feel what will keep your brand active during this pandemic.


Simple. Do whatever makes you relax. There’s no pressure to work on any projects or anything in general. Just because No Sleep Twitter has said their piece, don’t let that determine how you will spend this time. That is up to you! Take this time to be with your family, check on those who you don’t get to talk to as often, or wash clothes. Join the rest of us and make a Tik Tok or Triller. It’s actually fun lol If it relaxes you, DO IT! I’ll be in your corner cheering you on from the couch lol

Spring Cleaning

Its the perfect time since we all have Lysol and disinfectant for our safety needs. It’s also the perfect time to get your spring pieces out to wear (even if you’ll only be in the living room). Plan those fits out. Take pictures. STRUT. Once this passes you won’t have to get ready because you’ll be ready! Let your house be your runway till then.

We don’t how long this pandemic will last so take it easy. If you’re having virtual meetings, classes, or anything dealing with work do it to the best of your abilities. I know this is a hard time but we will get through this.

See you in the next one
Xoxo, Jonice 💕

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