How to Transition Perfectly into Spring

For the last couple of days, the DMV area has hit the 60s and even the 70s. Excitement, good vibes, and allergies have made their way, but are we sure it will continue like this until Spring arrives officially? I don’t have all the answers. I do have a few ways you can transition into spring with no problem.

First things first, if your allergies are anything like mine you must stay ready with a good nasal spray that will open you up and not have you blowing your nose every three seconds. Who has time for that at brunch? Make sure you have hand sanitizer around for when you can’t wash your hands, but please wash your hands. The Coronavirus is not playing so you better not play either. Allergies or not stay sanitized and one more time for the church…WASH YO HANDS!

wash yo hands

anywho now that I got that out the way lets get into it

Wearing lighter fabrics is always a good way to start transitioning because you can get away with layering them with a jacket or even a basic long sleeve top under it.

Speaking of layering…

Layering is still key during this time. You may not have on that thick sweater with your coat as you did a few weeks ago, but that chiffon top or short sleeve top won’t keep you warm without a jacket of some sort. It’s still cold in the morning but you’ll be able to shed out of that if the weather permits so and if not you’ll look just as good.


You can also do this with that dress you’ve been dying to wear once its nice enough. Jean jackets are my go-to especially if my leather jacket may be too heavy.

If you don’t want to pull out all the bright colors right now, you can ease them into your looks. All black is a haven for many people or simply all they have at the moment. Have no fear pop some color in your all-black look with shoes or accessories. It may not seem like you’re doing much, but trust that bag or even your makeup can bring in the spring vibes wherever you go. Don’t have any solid color shoes, white ones will do just fine (that’s what I’m doing all weekend).

Public Desire - ASOS
Public Desire – $32.99 ASOS

Adding a few moody florals/prints can be worn going into spring and going into fall. Versatility through the seasons; at its finest.

Moody Florals

Now if you’re standing in your closet ready to pull out all the colors of the rainbow then sis this part is just for you. Pop-out in Pantone’s color of the year, or even go for the biggest color trends that will surely make a scene once spring gets here. Out of all the colors listed, I think coral pink and I will be great friends. But to step out of my comfort zone I might give flamed scarlet and Biscay green. Pairing these colors with nudes and lighter color accessories so black doesn’t get a chance to clash or take away from your springtime look is necessary. Try some pants and skirts that may be in these colors too. Jeans don’t always have to be the go-to in your casual fit. There are options out there for us, so dress it up for yourself so I know its real. Doing this will allow the look’s statement piece to switch positions. The top doesn’t always have to be the focal piece of the look!

Wearing nudes as your base color for your look is also a thing as well. No need to be in black all season especially when it finally arrives. You might as well dress like spring is on the way.

Another Reason Wrap Jumpsuit
Another Reason Plus Wrap Jumpsuit– $43 ASOS

Plus lighter wash jeans make a huge difference as well. Wear them with a bright color top and white sneakers, and you’ll look like spring even if the weather hasn’t caught up yet.


A seasonal update like this is the perfect time to play dress up. It’s better to know what works for you before you’re overwhelmed. Browse your local malls for what grabs your attention at the moment, try it on, and if you love it, make it yours. Stay ready so you don’t have to get ready.

Be cautious. Stay stylish. Break necks. Most importantly have fun.

See you in the next one

Be safe this weekend

Xoxo, Jonice 💕

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