What Trend is Perfect for You?

Recently I took a quiz on Refinery29, who partnered with Macy’s, that tells you what trend is perfect for you to try out during the spring and summer. I love to take quizzes similar to these just to see how accurate they turn out to be. This quiz, in particular, was spot on!

I’m considered ‘The Color Lover’ on this quiz. It broke me down to a science when the results said: “…your dream look doesn’t only make a serious statement, but it’s comfortable, too.” I was in complete shock because this is truly who I am. If I ever have on heels, know that my flats aren’t too far behind.


I wasn’t always like this, especially when I was the 13-year-old who barely had any store options outside of Ashley Stewart or department stores. I went for whatever would make me blend in or not have me looking like my grandmother’s curtains. I basically took what the stores had to offer and that alone was slim to none.

One day I literally said to myself “Enough is enough. I deserve to have color in my wardrobe.” It took some time for me to become comfortable in anything outside of black, but now its no problem for me. In one of my most recent posts, I talked about not being afraid of color. You don’t have to jump in the deep end quite yet. Simply take your time by adding color into your everyday look by starting with your accessories and gradually going from pieces to head to toe looks.


It’s been pretty colorful over here the past couple of days and I honestly don’t see it coming to an end anytime soon. I haven’t really worn any other colors outside of red, yellow, and pink. Last week’s post really has me loving the color green. I might step out and get a few pieces in different hues of green and maybe some blue.

What other colors should I try this season?

Take the quiz for yourself to see exactly what trend is perfect for you. Afterward, let me know what your results are in the comments below. How will you incorporate the trend/persona into your wardrobe?


Make a statement with anything you wear from this point on. You want your look to speak for you before you even open your mouth.

Have a great weekend + be safe
Xoxo, Jonice 💕

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