Fashionably On Time

Iight so boom, you’ve been planning for months and the time has finally come. You have your ticket, wallet, and keys. Your outfit? Its on another level! Where are you going? To have a great time with your friends of course. My mama has always told me “you may never know who you will meet or who is watching (not on a creepy level, lettuce pray). You must stay ready.” That saying holds some truth, especially in the DMV. Going out to any big gathering there will always be cameramen/women ready to snap pictures of people with their unique styles. With plenty of events being announced for later this year, you might want to hop on the tickets so you can be fashionably on time.

Broccoli City Fest IS HERE!!!!!!


What is Broccoli City Fest? From personal experience, I can tell you that it’s a complete LITuation. The vendors, food, and concert will you have you on your toes the entire time. There is always a massive crowd no matter the weather (it has rained both years that I’ve been to 😭). Beautiful people everywhere just having a great time together. I will tell you that there are plenty of people with cameras, so if you plan on going this year, you better be ready to pose a few times.

The lineup was released yesterday and I am super excited about who they have performing this year.


Do you see this lineup?!?! I can already tell I won’t have my voice at the end of the night. From going awf with Migos and Cardi B to singing loud and wrong with Miguel 😍, H.E.R., and Daniel Caesar, it’s going to be a GREAT time.

Do you have your wallet in your hand ready to buy your ticket? If you need a little more encouragement, go ahead and get all the information you may need that will change your mind. Because if the lineup hasn’t convinced you yet, I don’t know what will. 🥦

You know what else is coming up?

District of Curves Fashion Week!! Last year I had the pleasure to attend the fashion show. Y’all know I slayed. What makes you think anything will change this time? NOTHING!! This year I want to at least attend 2-3 events. I want to network more, continue to grow, and look mmm mmm GOOOOOD. Want to do the same? Keep updated with the details of each event right here. If you’re able to travel here for the festivities, I support it 100%.

Supporting these events lets the directors know that they have genuine support. Nowadays support can be purchased just like that. When someone puts all their time into planning a festival, a week full of events, or their very first one having that support shows them that all their hard work is not going to waste.

No matter the size of the crowd whether big or small, the support will always be there. Support your friends’ hustles. Support small businesses. Support. Support. SUPPORT.

The people behind these events are doing big and beautiful things for their communities. The question is, will you be there to witness it all? Tell your friends. Buy those new outfits. It’s bout time for you to have some fun this year.

The moment more events become announced I’ll keep you posted. EYE can’t be the only one out here flourishing and having all the fun. YOU DESERVE TOO! TREAT YO SELF! If you come across some events let me know, I just might need to make my way. Hopefully, I’ll see some of you at these events styling and profiling. you ready?

See you in the next one

Xoxo, Jonice 💕

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