Christmas Partaaayy πŸŽ„

Happy Fri-YAY! We’re just another week closer to everyone’s favorite holiday!!! When it comes to going to Christmas parties I know I generally will go for something sparkly or all black. This year I’m doing something a little different.

Bright colors during the holiday seasons are encouraged! The holiday spirit seems to shine the most when there’s color around.

(HAHAHAHAHA I’m not sorry, but it had to be done) annnyywhoooo…

Ugly Christmas sweater parties are the best time to get crazy with color, but what about an office party or a cocktail party? Step out in color and just see how you brighten up the room instantly.

Red, green, gold, and white are usually the colors that you see most around for the holidays, orange not so much.

I’ve worm this dress on many occasions during Halloween, but never really thought about it for the holidays.

With a bad fur coat, leather jacket, or bad trench coat, you can take this dress to maaanny functions. Gold or silver accessories will work well with whatever shoes you would wear. In this case I’d wear brown or gold just play around in the neutral area.

When the beat drops and there’s a few mimosas or your favorite drinks in, its time to have some fun! If wearing heels isn’t part of your ministry, some flats that stand out just as much as your personality and the dress will make the night last longer. If heels are your thing, you know to have those flats or comfortable shoes on standby.

Outfit Details:

Dress: Fashion To Figure

Shoes: JustFab

This holiday season do something different, go to that office party or just go have fun on your own terms with the people you love. Enjoy the company and the Christmas spirit. 2017 is almost over so go out with a bang!

See you in the next one & be safe

Xoxo, Jonice πŸ’•


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