Christmas Shopping…for Myself!

Its a week before Christmas and all the malls are pack everyday. Everyone clearly wants a good deal at the end of the day. I honestly can say that I got my Christmas shopping done all at the same place in the same day, and with a beautiful deal!!! Now when it came to shop for myself yall know I didn’t come to play. Deals were being thrown right in my lap. I thought I was going to cry when it was all said and done. I saved a good amount of money okay!

Let us start with my #1 favorite online store:

Rebdolls kept hitting my email with discount codes and sales all week. I told myself to not pay attention one night and I failed, but in the end I REALLY won.

This Grisel. “Better Yet” Puff Mesh Sleeves Bodysuit is everything. It is sooooo comfortable and can be worn with a pant or skirt of your choosing. I’ll probably wear it to an upcoming party or to work. Oh the places you can go to show out in this bodysuit.

Giiiiiiiirrrrrllll the Rebdolls “Out Of Sight” two piece set is so comfy….and a little long for me (a quick alteration will fix this issue). As you know you can wear them together or separately to get more wear out of each piece. The detail in the Rebdolls “Out Of Sight” pant is what really sold me on this set. I’ve seen a few pants or skirts with the tied detail, but they never pulled me in like these.

A simple grey midi dress like this Rebdolls “Right Now” Sleeveless Midi Dress can take you many places, casual or not. It is all up to you in how you want to play around with it. You definitely will need some kind of jacket to keep yourself warm now. You could even get away with wearing a sweater of some sort over it and wear it as a “skirt”.

Secondly, Fashion To Figure:

Yall already know this blessedt place for plus size babes like myself is a fav. The location closest to me is having a HUGE sale. I told myself not to go in, but of course I did lol.

I couldn’t leave this shirt there. Its a crop top, off the shoulder, and less than $10. Of course you know it was mine the minute I laid my eyes on them.Ā  I told yall it was DEALS ON DEALS ON DEALS! I will be going back for these jeans because they fit AUHMAZING! Everything about them screams ME!

PLUS they were only $19.99!!!


The shirt was also a steal. With the proper accessories and pant, I KNOW FOR A FACT I will slay, and you can too! Off the shoulder ANYTHING will always have a spot in my closet.

Head over to your local FTF or to their website to get up on all the holiday looks that will make you look and feel even better! You’ll thank me later šŸ™‚

Hopefully you’ll be able to grab your hands on the few pieces i purchased or at least get something from these wonderful companies. If not, continue your Christmas shopping with your head held high, your wallet in hand, and ready to take on every mall/online store by storm. May the sales gawds be in your favor!

See you in the next one

Xoxo, Jonice šŸ’•<<

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