Tan Stripes 

My addiction to stripes is still alive and well. I went thrifting with the queen herself ( mama moody) and came up on a few pieces. Today we’re going to talk about this tan stripe dress that was a wonderful pick me up.

Usually when I go thrifting I come up on pieces that aren’t brand name and that has never been a problem with me. If I can fit it, its looks good on me, and under $10 I’m sold. This dress on another hand was donated to my local thrift store by somebody that has the same taste as me. This dress is from Asos.com! I was so excited when I picked her up. I knew at that very moment that I couldn’t leave her there. It was going to be mine by the end of the night if it was up to me. They had to have me in mind when they donated this dress.

Who would I be if I didn’t wear a cardigan with the dress? Of course my bomber jacket would have been good, but I had to give it a break. I would wear my  leather jacket with it, but I left it in NC with my best freeennn lol. Any body con dress, plain or with patterns on it, you can do so much and more with them. From casual to dressy and vise versa, DO YOU BOO!

Have fun with your clothes because there are no rules when it comes to your style. Play dress up from time to time. You never know what you will come up with by mix and matching pieces in your closet. Also visit your local thrift stores, you may never know what you will come up with.  Another man’s trash is another man’s treasure. 

Dress: Thrift Store (Asos Curve)

Cardigan & Purse: Fashion To Figure 

Boots: JustFab

See ya in the next one,






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