What’s Better

What’s better than 75 degrees, a day off, & no clouds in the sky? ….I’ll wait!

Nothing can top today. Whenever the weather is as perfect as today, everybody is in a good mood. Warm weather has that effect on people. 

Today is perfect. I have no idea what errands I will end up running by the end of the day, but I cannot be in the house. 


I’m keeping today’s look very comfortable. I simply tied a knot in one of my many maxi skirts & paired it with an Aztec print shirt. It’s always good to go with a print or bright color shirt when wearing a solid color bottom.

 Since the base of my look is pretty simple, I decided to accessorizes  with bright colors. Everything from my earrings all the way to my socks, there is color. Yes they are different colors, but they complement each other and bring the look together.

If your home or even in the office, take some part of your day to enjoy this weather 😘

Xoxo, Jonice

Outfit Details:

Top & Purse: Fashion To Figure

Bottom: Gifted 

Shoes: Coach Factory 

Jewlery: Vintage 


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