Back at it Again

Daaaaamnnn Jonice , back at it again wearing green lol 

I can admit that the color green is really starting to grow on me. The pieces that I’m picking up now for the spring either are a solid green or have some kind of green in it. These pants were screaming my name when I saw them. I couldn’t walk out of Fashion To Figure without them. 

 Pairing the olive green ponte pants with the white chiffon tunic is a look perfect for today’s weather.  I tied a knot in the front of the shirt just so there could be a better view of the pants. Plus it’s another way that you can style other shirts that you might have like this one. You can tie it in the front or on the side.

 I can guarantee that both of these pieces will go a long way in closet.
Outfit Details: 

Top, Bottoms, Jacket, & Purse: Fashion To Figure 

Shoes: Off Broadway 

Jewelry: Vintage 

Xoxo, Jonice 


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