Always & Forever 

Black & white will always and forever be in my closet. It could be a dress, a top & a skirt, or even my bags. No matter where you look there will be black & white (I blame my mama). 

Today I decided to pull out the old faithful white jeans. I paired it with a cowl neck black see through shirt from FTF. Depending how warm/cold it is outside & how comfortable you are, you can definitely wear a tank top under the shirt or not. It’s all up to you 💁🏾.

 I love the fact that this shirt flows and isn’t tight. My jeans already took care of that department, so no need to be extra tight up top. Plus having a looser top with hip hugging bottoms is a perfect look to go for. 

Wearing my everyday boots set this look off & completely made it the perfect casual Monday look.


Hopefully your week has started off on the right foot! If not take this week by the horns and go full force till Friday! You got this! 

Xoxo, Jonice 


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