The trend to wear denim with denim has been making an appearance frequently. I don’t have many denim shirts so it limits me from being great in this certain look. 

Yesterday I came across one of the denim shirts that I purchased last summer from FTF.  It went well with the jeans I planned on wear so I said why not give this look a chance. I figured since everything I’m wearing is from FTF, they would be the perfect match.  

During the course of the day I changed my shoes. I had on my black bookies but I realized that there still is snow & melted snow which has turned into ice. I didn’t want to hurt myself so the change had to happen. 

It was a very casual Monday & I have to say it was good one. I catch myself wearing the same outfits over and over & know I have plenty other clothes. The options are endless to be honest. So I have to switch it up sometimes on myself. 

I can say that this look will be one of my repeated looks. I mean when you look & feel good you should repeat or switch the look up as many times as you want. 

Have an amazing Tuesday babies & have a great week 😘

Xoxo, Jonice 

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