These five  pictures are just a few of my favorite looks that I have had in the past. 

IMG_8672 The first picture is from Ebony Soul (My alma mater’s homecoming). The skirt was made by one of my dear followers on Instagram and Tumblr, Amber Emme (IG: @amberemme go check her out). Her work is amazing!!!! Everybody was handing me complements left and right the entire night. I feel like that skirt MADE my night. The black crop top is from Forever 21 and the shoes are Jessica Simpson.

IMG_3087 The second look is from Fall semester of my senior year. The organization that I was president of was having sign-ups that day so I decided to show up and show out, just a little bit. The top is my favorite Zebra shirt from Forever 21. The blue pencil skirt is also from Forever 21 and the boots are from Charlotte Russe.

IMG_7781The look is from last Easter. This look was a last minute put together. I had came home Friday with a dress already in my suitcase that I was going to wear for Easter, but i wasn’t too fond of it. Easter is a time for everybody to pull that new dress or suit out and show out at church. Church is a fashion show and I wanted to make sure nobody else was going to have on my dress lol. Saturday I made my way out to my favorite store and old job, Fashion To Figure. With the help of my friends that was on duty I tried this dress on and fell in love. I had tried on other dresses but they didn’t catch my eye like this one did. I did not want to wear heels that day because I knew I would be on my feet a lot that day so I wore my pink flats from Nine West and my mother’s necklace and earrings that I still have to this day.

These two looks below focus on my favorite pants that I own. The army fatigue pants were given to me by a friend and when I tried them on I knew that they were going to be mine for a while. I believe that they are from Old Navy’s Men section. They be men’s but thy are the perfect high waisted pants. Usually I would just wear a solid color shirt but on these two occasions I wanted to do something a little different. Since the pants cover my tummy, I took advantage of it and wore my multi-color crop top from Fashion To Figure. It was a perfect fit with the peach clutch and sandals that I wore with it. The other occasion was just a regular day on campus where I was going to run a few errands after class. The 3/4 sleeve black and white stripe shirt is from Forever 21. Its one of my go to shirts where I won’t need a jacket because its so comfy and warm.


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