Everybody Needs a Little Cleansing

I will soon be moving out of my apartment and back home. That only means one thing…PACKING! The first place I know I needed to start was my closet. I also knew this was a perfect time to get rid of clothing that I can’t fit, never worn, or that is just taking up space. I managed to pack up the winter clothes I will be taking back with me. I left about a months worth of clothing out so I can have something to wear while I’m still here. I currently have a one bag full of clothes that I’m giving away and another pile that I keep adding to when I go through more of my clothes.

Having my own “closet clean-out” made me realize that I’m gong to need more clothing. I’m not going to go on a major shopping spree or anything. I’m just going to to add a few pieces at a time from my favorite stores. Who knows what kind of deals I might come across in the course of me moving back home. I know I will  find something while when I’m on a budget and go thrifting.

Today I will be washing my hair (YAY!) I took my braids out last night while watching the Warriors win the Championship. I will be washing, deep conditioning, detangling and everything that comes with being natural (lol) As soon as I am decent to post pics, I will.  I’ll be staying in the house because I have no air in my car and the heat this week is TERRIBLE. If I ever step outside it will be a very quick move with my windows down. So till then Have a wonderful day & Stay hydrated 🙂

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