4th of July 

This weekend everybody will be stuffing their faces with cookout foods & drinks! Enjoying the nice weather that always comes with it. This weekend I had the pleasure of visiting my family in New Jersey! It was great to see them and spend time. Of course I kept it cute and comfy while I was […]


Hello Yellow

June 27, 1933 my favorite old lady graced the earth with her presence. Throughout the 80 years that she was here, she had a huge impact on so many people lives. I knew that was the case but I didn’t see it for myself until her funeral. So many people came out to show their […]



When I’m not here I’m somewhere making moves. I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted a new look, but I do have looks that I’ve managed to catch before leaving out. I call them my offdayz looks!  They’re just as cute as the days when I’m up and working on SOACG! I do […]