Treat Yo Self: Jazmine Sullivan Concert

At the beginning of the new year I told myself that I was going to treat myself every month. It doesn’t matter what I treat myself to, I just have to enjoy myself. So to start this off I brought a ticket to see Jazmine Sullivan back in December. I’ve been a fan of this heavensent voice since Fearless, but never had the chance to see her live. She’s at the top of my list along with Auntie Jill & I can finally mark her off the list.

Jazmine literally snatched my edges and voice away from me last night. I can’t describe how I’m feeling, honestly. Just know that I am speechless! If you ever have the chance to see her live, do it!

You’re probably wondering what did I wear, huh? I said I wasn’t going to be cliche and wear pink or red since it was Valentine’s Day, but of course I did just that.

I had no idea what I was going to wear this night. I knew I wanted to be 1. Cute & 2. Comfortable. Even though my feet are still killing me, I did just that.

This dress literally caught my attention when I was making my way to the register when I was at Ross. I picked it up, saw it was my size, then the price, and put it right in my cart. This bad boy was a grand total of $9.99!! I was shook. I had my eyes on a similar dress at FTF, but my size wasn’t available. I can honestly say that I won with this dress.

THE SHOES 🤤 PAYLESS!!! They were the last pair in my size & on sale for $25. I’ve been looking for thigh high boots that would go past my knee and actually stay there, but the ones I’ve come across are not in the budget or the heel is too high. The Lordt was on my side when it came to getting this look 🙌🏾 I saved and slayed all in one night.
Outfit Details: 

Dress: French Atmosphere (Ross)

Boots: BRASH (Payless)

The pics won’t do any justice for what I experienced last night. If you want to hear and see snippets from the concert follow me on snapchat: jomopa

Whatever you do this year remember to always

See you in the next one

Xoxo, Jonice 💕


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