Hey Susan!

You walk into your local smoke shop to get your usual things for a successful sesh. Snacks? Check. Lighter because you lost your favorite one? Check. Back—? No, you want to try something different. So now what? The bamboo wraps have been suggested to you by the clerk. You even think of getting the RAW cones. But then you see this pink packaging. Pink papers??? Whaaat? The clerk hands it to you and explains everything you need to know about Blazy Susan.

That’s what happened to me last summer. And ever since then, I have been a loyal customer. If you don’t know by now, I indulge in the herbal essences, that gas! If you happened to turn your nose up to that little bit of information, baby this blog post aint for you lol

Now, you’re probably like, “Jonice who is Blazy Susan?” Well let me introduce you real quick. Everybody this is Blazy Susan. Blazy Susan, everybody.

This brand has changed the game for me. Not just because the papers are so cute and perfect for me but because they have some amazing qualities. First of all, get into the color. They come in their signature pink, purple, and unbleached (for everyone that doesn’t want the colors). They also are vegan, slow burning, ultra-thin, and gmo free. The slow burn is an understatement. It’s beautiful! SHOUT OUT TO WILL BREAKELL ONE TIME (the CEO).

Once I did my research, I learned that the company is all about giving back on top of providing great accessories. They’ve worked with breast cancer charities and even planted a tree for every order made in April ’21. I mean come on, could it get any better?!?! Surprisingly, yes, yes it does.

Before I became an affiliate, I was telling everybody about them. I was pushing the 50 pre-rolled cones heavily. They come in their colors and also different sizes too. It honestly felt like I was stealing when I got them, so I had to put everybody on. Now, it’s only right that I do that here! Ever since I purchased the cones, I haven’t rolled anything. Packing cones is so much easier, and to be honest I probably won’t turn back.

If you’re like me and want to expand your unique kits at home, then look no further. Blazy Susan doesn’t just have papers and cones; they have other smoking and dabbing accessories. From extra functional rolling trays to grinders, you’ll take your next sesh to the next level, all while getting everybody’s attention with Blazy Susan!

By all means, enjoy how you enjoy. I just want to bring something new to your attention. At the end of the day, I’m gonna stick beside them. Blazy Gaaaang!

Because I love yall so much, click here and use code BLAZY10 to get 10% your entire order!

As always see you in the next one & be safe

Xoxo, Jonice 💋

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