Let Me Upgrade You

In the previous post, I mentioned how I want to elevate my style, amongst other things. You might remember me even saying how I need to go shopping a few posts back. Well, since writing the blog post, I, in, fact have been shopping on multiple occasions, but now that I am on my journey to elevate my style, I realize that I’m still stuck. What do I mean by stuck? I noticed that I don’t have many options for bottoms (I have plenty of dresses, though 😅.) To be honest, it’s not just my bottoms that need an upgrade. My purse and shoe collection are crying out to me to please do better. I have some pieces that have traveled with me from college, but they don’t genuinely benefit me right now…you know? I think that’s why I haven’t taken many pictures lately now that I think about it.

So you’re probably wondering, “well, Jonice, how do you plan to fix this issue?” The plan is to shop with intention and out of my comfort zone. I’m known to say this to my clients and friends whenever they ask for any style advice, and now it’s time for me to listen to myself and execute.

Step one is to figure out what kind of bottoms I need. I could get more jeans (and I will), but I want variety. Please give me the faux leather pants, the pants and skirts with prints, different cuts, and made from various materials. I need to utilize what’s at my fingertips, stop being scary, and make it work for me.

Now let me be honest, I have seen some pants and skirts that I think are adorable, but I back off from getting them because I don’t think I can pull them off. But no more of that! If I like it, and it’s incomparable to what I have now, I’m going to get it. I won’t get any piece and try to make it work with what I have at home. I’ll complete the look there in the store with basics and not-so-basic basics that can be worn more than once. No more just getting statement pieces. Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with it, but a few simple tops can take you a long way.

The second step is to purge purge purge. It probably should be the first step since it will happen anyway. I must make room for what I have to come. As I said, most of my closet has been with me since college, and I’m not that girl anymore. She may have started everything, but I’ve grown (literally, my hips ain’t lying at all lol), and my style will as well.

It’s only suitable that I honor the woman I am now with pieces that speak for where I am in my life and where I plan to go. I recently purchased a CISE ‘Protect Black People’ purse in black that I am in love with. This purse is just the first of many that I plan to treat myself with (I’m coming for my telfeezy soon…along with a few other brands.) If anything, I will make sure that these new purses will last just as long as some of my clothes.

The third and not-so final step is to do my research and find some new stores to shop at. My love for my favorite online stores will never change, but I know that more is out there for you and me. GET OUT OF YOUR OWN WAY, JONICE! TRY SOMETHING NEW! I will challenge myself to get at least one piece from a new store each month. Even if I don’t get the chance to shop every month, I will step out and find those stores and brands that speak directly to me.

I’ve outgrown my old ways, which means all new things are coming sooner than I think, and I must get ready. All I have to do is take that first step and watch how everything elevates!

I can’t wait to look back and see the growth, but first, I’m going to get to work.

Be safe this weekend.
See you in the next one
Xoxo, Jonice 💋

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