It’s The Fall For Me

Ever since I started SOACG, September tends to bring some of the best days in the fall. There is inspiration is everywhere, and with all the cool air that hits it starts hoodie season! This air doesn’t just bring the fall weather it also brings newness. Over the years, I’ve found myself basking in this newness with open arms, and I’m doing it this time around too.

What have I been up to? Well ever since I got back from vacation I really haven’t sat down much. If I’m not at home I’m either at work or trying a new restaurant. I’ve been eating extremely well. I’ve been to so many new places since DC Summer Restaurant that now will see me more often (all thanks to OpenTable). The reservations have been nonstop and I honestly love that for me. If this how the fall and winter are going to be for me then bring on all the reservations!

Other than treating myself to a new plate, I’ve attended the Célébrez en Rosé Festival formerly La Fête du Rosé Festival this past weekend at The National Harbor. I was trying to give y’all a detailed look into my lewk and such before I left but time was not having it. If you remember 2 years ago I attended this same festival. This year I went alone and still had a great time. Of course I coudln’t find anything that I wanted to wear until the very last minute. This dress was everything I needed it to be. Long, flowy, and it had pockets! I knew it was meant for me because it was the last one in the store. God had it on lock for me.

While starting my Treat Yoself Journey I knew that most people wouldn’t understand why I go solo to most events but theres nothing wrong with it. The amount of people I have met at the concerts and events are endless. Just because nobody else wants to go to the events I go to or wait to the last minute doesn’t mean I have to miss out on what I truly want to do. Take this as your sign to go somewhere alone. You don’t have to plan a big trip at first but if that’s what you want to do, do it. Even in the midst of some slight rain I looked and felt good. Isn’t that all we truly want at the end of the day? Go out there and enjoy yourself on your own terms. There’s nothing like it.

Now if I’m not at work or at some event I’m more than likely tucked all the way in my room watching something on Netlfix, Amazon Prime, Twitch, Youtube, or listening to some of the new music that recently dropped. In season 2 Ep 2 of She’s Gotta Have It, Nola Darling and her friends are at a bar talking about what their ambitions are for the summer. Summer may be winding down right now, but that doesn’t mean that my ambitions have. It got me thinking about what I want for myself and everything SOACG. What am I willing to work on so I can make my dreams become my reality. Some of my ambitions for the fall, go a little like this:

+Apply all kinds of pressure when it comes to SOACG – the biggest thing is upping the ante when it comes to our marketing and branding
+Taking myself serious when it comes to what’s best for me – not crossing my boundaries even when I want to.
+Drop a blog post every other Friday for the rest of the year because every Friday is truly unrealistic right now(maybe in 2022 tho)
+get back in my cooking bag
+continue to get more books written by black women and men
+Make new connections
+Elevate my wardrobe little by little ( I want more sustainable clothing and not so much fast fashion) It’s time for new layers to be added because all this cool weather demands new pieces and I’m not mad at it – donate the clothes I don’t wear anymore
+Make room for all the things I’ve been praying for that’s coming to me


This list doesn’t even touch the surface for what I desire. Greatness has my name wrapped all in it. I’m ready for all of it, the question is are you?

Make room for all the abundance coming to you. Not sure what you want, make a list like this and see what areas of your life that can use a little umph. All of it doesn’t have to be grand, but if its grand to you then its grand to me! Bask in this newness with me. I think you’ll enjoy it.

Be safe this weekend!
See you in the next one
Xoxo, Jonice 💋

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