Spa Day Me Please

If you’re reading this I should be getting ready to do something I’ve always wanted to do. Since the pandemic has put a halt on most of the things I would do to treat myself (but DC is opening up June 11th. Yayyy) I figured I could do something else with my me time. Going to dinner is great and nothing beats the great view that comes with it most times. But what about a spa day? I’ve always treated my mom to spa days and lunch pre-covid for mother’s day, but never had the chance to treat myself. Today that all ends. I’ll be getting a full-hour deep tissue massage.

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Now a spa day may seem like nothing too grand but I finally have the opportunity to do it for myself! I’ve planned to treat myself a few years ago for my birthday, but other things happened and I put it on the back burner and I haven’t looked back. The opportunity presented itself a few days ago and I talked about it and even planned around it like I should do something else with my money. Then I heard Donna say “Treat yoself” over and over again. That’s when I knew I wasn’t going to play myself and miss out on something I’ve always wanted. The money will always come back to me so I knew then I had to do it.

Have you ever had a sense of guilt after purchasing something for yourself that almost made you make that return? I’m not going to lie because I have. Yes, yall have seen me treat myself on my TYS Journey with concerts, but nothing like this. I figured that if nobody was going to do it for me why should I deprive myself? I’m trying to find new ways to treat myself now that the world is slowly opening back up. I may not step to a festival for a while even though many are planning to happen in a few months. I just know that I want to experience so much more in this life. There’s plenty out there for me to see and try, and honestly, I’m ready for all of it. You’ll catch me making more trips by myself or with a group of friends because we deserve and will be doing so much more!

So my question for you is, how will yourself at the end of this month and in June? This is just the beginning of me opening a whole new phase in my life. If you’re ready for the ride you better buckle up because you will hear all about it.

On IG I tag all my treat yoself moves as moodysmoves. Check it out for yourself! More experiences are loading 😈

Oh before I go, you remember in the last post where I was describing our 6CESSFUL WEEKEND? Well, I’m so proud to announce that the pole party tickets have sold out!

I want to thank you for riding with me for all these years! I’ll have a blog post where I lay it all out on the table but for right now just know that I can’t stop and most definitely won’t stop.

See you in the next one

Xoxo, Jonice 💋

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