April Showers Bring….

Heeeyyy yall. We are just a little over a week of being in April and I have one question, has the pollen been attacking you the minute you step outside? Because I stepped outside to run some errands earlier and I am STILL suffering lol. I’m trying so hard not to scratch my eyes because it’s not going to make anything better, but chiiiile I’m ready to take them out at this point. My throat hasn’t started itching yet but I know that it’s coming. Anywho enough about me and my allergies… let’s talk.

With summer pushing in soon will you be traveling? You a Moderna Mami like me or are you a Pfizer Princess? Planning any covid friendly events? Picking up any new hobbies? It’s a lot going on as we still sit here in the middle of a panini press (yeah I know what I said lol), but I feel like you shouldn’t stop living. As long as you’re doing your part to keep you, your family, and everybody around you safe, do you boo. If traveling isn’t on your list of things just yet there is still plenty for you to do. Staycations are one of my favorite things to do for myself when I can. It’s all about exploring on your terms. Just because somebody is doing one thing, that doesn’t mean you have to as well. 

What have I been doing when I’m OUTSIDE? I’ve gone to the national mall. I’ve also been going out to eat in new places I’ve been wanting to try. Shoutout to TikTok for some of the suggestions and all the jokes (I know I’m not the only one scrolling at 2 am lol it’s okay this is a safe place). I still haven’t been to a majority of the places on my list, but I have found my new favorite place to get sushi and good drinks. The next major place I want to go to is a wine bar or winery. I want to expand my horizon on all the things I can do safely. I refuse to be locked in the house for another summer. I guess you can say I’m tapping back into my treat yoself journey just with a little twist. 

Since we’re talking about TYS aka #moodysmoves I went to my first concert on April 1st since the pandemic started! I’ve posted all about it on IG and I’m here to give you all the details just in case you missed it. You should educate yourself on Gene Noble. I first was introduced to him when he went on The Terrell Show to play song association. Ever since then I’ve been a fan. I’m glad that I was able to bring my two cousins with me. At first, I was going to go by myself. Tickets had sold out by the time my cousin was going to get hers, but then Gene said that he was giving away tickets IG live the night before the concert. Luckily my cousin had reminded me minutes before he went live. I rushed on there and start going in so that he would see me. The live only lasted for about 10 mins so when he started naming the people he was picking and I heard my name called I SCREAMED!!!! I’m so thankful for him picking me because now because of that night, my cousins are fans too! 

In the midst of finding my new adventures, I also have been working on getting a few things together for our anniversary and the spring collection for the boutique. I won’t say much now but I will say that it will be very 6CESSFUL! 

As always check out our boutique to see what you could possibly get yourself or somebody else. It’s almost time to start wearing less and going out more and we are here to provide you with everything you need to be ready!

If I’ll be winning more things and staying on this path I’m ready for whatever the rest of this month and May have for me! Continue to live and have fun. Life ain’t about stop no time soon so why should you?

Mask up. Get vaccinated. Use your common sense. 

See you in the next one

Xoxo, Jonice 💋

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