Blossom Season

It’s the last Friday of February so I felt like it’s only right that I come and check-in. I hope and pray that this month was good for you in all aspects of your life. I know that I’ve been digging deep within myself to do what’s right for me. I’m becoming more carefree and understanding of who I truly am. Y’all know in December that I did The Get Dressed with SOACG challenge. That challenge didn’t really stop if I’m being honest. I’m getting dressed but it also allowed me to find myself. I’m doing what I want and how I want without second-guessing myself or wondering what somebody will think about it. It’s like I feel a weight being lifted off my shoulders and I must say that it feels so so good.

I love this for me because the best month is right around the corner. I’m going into March (my birfday month) with my head held high. I’m not skipping my skincare routine, I’m working out more (of course I’ve fallen off here and there but I see the changes). I’m drinking more water. I also keep those affirmations ready. Just these few things have my head clearer and ready to create some magic.

The weather is slowly breaking and daylight savings and also coming to save the day! More walks and longer days are ahead. I’m ready, what about you? March is a new month to learn yourself and do something new or pick that hobby back up. Do more of what makes you happy next month. I guarantee that you’ll see a new you ready to blossom.

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Continue to be safe in this crazy masked-up world we live in!
See you in the next one
Xoxo, Jonice 💕

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