What Do You Have For Us October?

October is here! It’s officially the fourth quarter and only 91 days till 2021. This year has been something else, and honestly, I’m ready to end it in a bang. What does this mean for me? Only the best for SOACG and everything that I touch will flourish. I hope that whatever you’re working on flourishes as well. But for the time being, let’s focus on what’s to come this month.

I want to say that this month is starting on a good foot. From new music to classic shows being added to Netflix I am a happy camper. First, Riley, better known as Amber Patrice Riley is finally dropping her EP! Might I add that she is back on the blue wall this weekend too!!! In case you have no idea what I’m talking about, the blue wall is the setup for The Terrell Show on Youtube. Each guest comes for an interview like no other by playing song association. It’s been a minute since she’s been back, but I know I’m glad she’s here, but anywho… I’ve been a fan of her since Glee, and finally, we get original work from her! She released her single BGE (and yessss it stands for Big Girl Energy) a few weeks ago. If this is the energy her EP has I’m more than ready. This song alone made me feel seen. It was on repeat the night it dropped and of course, I played it on blast and while dancing around my room having a great time. I know for a fact that this EP will have me feeling even better.

Along with Riley dropping new music, BRYSON TILLER has come from the crevices with his new project A N NI V E R S A R Y. He hasn’t put anything new out in years so it’s about time. I haven’t listened to it yet because it’s so much music to take in today, but he will get his time……………….DON’T forget to stream all the new music that’s dropping today.

Yall see what I did with that though lmao

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Today I’m going to keep it short so you can enjoy your weekend and not be on the internet all day long. Enjoy the weather by any means necessary. Get that fresh air with your mask. Don’t forget to bask in the spooky vibes! I watched Hocus Pocus already and Halloweentown in NEXT!

Please be safe and enjoy your weekend
See you in the next one
Xoxo, Jonice 💕

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