Last Minute Valentine’s Day Outfits

It’s Valentine’s Day and you’re fresh off work. Your friends hit you up about last-minute moves that want to make with you. You agree to go, but have no idea what to wear. What will you do? You’re standing in front of your closet looking at everything you have. Do you wear heels and the dress with the tag still attached or do you wear sneakers instead? The options are endless.

Psssst, hey sis I’m glad you’re confused and don’t know what to wear. That’s why you’re here, right? Do you want to wear red or pink? Honestly, it’s so cliche but its what we end up doing anyway. Don’t you worry if you don’t I have a few looks just for you, and if you do I got you too.

First, let’s start with the babe who is going out to dinner. She is either going out with friends or bae. This isn’t just dinner at any restaurant its a very fancy restaurant, 5 stars! Does she wear pink or red? Nah, she’s over all that. Instead of all black, she goes for all white. A cropped jacket with dramatic sleeves or a simple jacket that matches. Dress and jacket secured, but what about the shoes? She decides to go with the neutral tone of course, and they’re her favorites. She wears these because there is a seat with her name on it. Trust and believe a pair of flats or all-white sneakers aren’t far behind. The gold accessories and even more dramatic earrings, or huge hoops work best.


Now, what about our girl who is more than ready to get out of the house to have some fun. She’s down to show some skin by wearing a piece of lingerie with either jeans or a denim mini skirt. (Yall remember this trend? We may be late but shoot we here. Comfort zone who?!? Nowhere in sight toniiighttt) She doesn’t have time for heels so she decides to wear shoes that match the color of her lingerie, in this case, RED! Now, of course, it’s not hot yet so an oversized denim jacket will do under the coat she’s going to wear. The flu won’t catch her slipping. All she needs now is a small purse to carry all the essentials that she’ll need for the night; lipgloss and shades alike.


Where is babe number three going? Well, she’s bar-hopping with her girlfriends. Its Friday night and they are ready to have a few drinks and maybe get some food later on. Whatever the case this is their way of celebrating each other, their Galentines day. Like babe number one she is not for wearing pink or red during this ordinary day. She loves love but doesn’t feel like those colors are necessary. So she decides to wear a simple dark color dress with ruching which allows her to adjust the length of the dress. Tonight she’s feeling a little asymmetrical, perfect for the knee/thigh high boots and her leather jacket. With this fit who knows what she’ll get into, but she’ll be ready for any angle her picture is being taken.


Last but not least our last and final babe. She is all for the casual side of things. She’s here to have fun but not have to worry about anything but if she ate enough to take the next shot lol. A graphic T-shirt usually would do but she through on an off the shoulder shirt to spice things up a bit. Moody florals are perfect for her because giving the fact that it is Valentine’s day the florals pop out more than anything. She pairs the top with jeans to keep her warm and uggs for comfort, she is ready to step out for the night.


My question is what babe will you end up being tonight? A combination of 2 babes or are you in for the night with Netflix? Whatever you do, be comfortable, be cute, but most importantly be you.

Enjoy your weekend love and be safe
See you in the next one
Xoxo, Jonice 💕

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