Ultimate Favorites

Hellllooo loves! Happy Labor Day. Many of us are probably staying at home today or going to a few cookouts since it is a holiday. For me, not so much. I’ll be right at work today, but I’m not complaining at all!

With it being labor day, you know the sales are flowing around in every store. It’s the perfect time to give a list of my favorite stores to shop at. Hopefully, you’ve been getting emails left and right about these sales like I have. May this list bring you more clothes to flourish in and savings too!


  1. Fashion To Figure

Y’all already know how I feel about this store. Gems and deals everyday! Get you some.




2. Rebdolls

The basics are essential and can have you looking good, especially with the prices. I get majority of my graphic tees from them and I am in love with everyone!


3. Boohoo



4. Forever21

5. Express

These pants are life and I swear I try not to wear them every week. (BTW the pants are a size MEDIUM!! Wild right?)


6. Rue107

(I get majority of my swimsuits from them! #RUEBABE!!! )


7. Zara


As time goes on this list will continue to grow and so will my closet. These stores might not even be my favorites next year. I don’t know where my style might grow to, but I’m here for it. As always, I am here for sales and hope the sales gawds have you covered today. If your favorite place wasn’t on the this list, tell me so I can check them out for myself. You may never know what deals you have introduced to me.

Enjoy your day and I hope its the most relaxing for you!

See you in the next one.

Xoxo, Jonice 💕


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