Treat Yo Self: Jill Scott Concert

“Y’all ready to settle down and get with this? You know settle into this feeling? Cause you know it’s a lot of love here.”

What do you do when you hear one of Jill Scott’s songs? Do you know all the lyrics or just the chorus? For me and my father we know every album, every song, and every word!

My father basically raised me on Jill Scott and all her music. It started back in 2000 with her first album, ‘Who Is Jill Scott?: Words and Sounds, Vol. 1.’ I’ve been hooked every since and knew I wanted to see her live one day. A few years ago I got my father tickets to see her for Father’s Day. I’ve never seen this man get so excited about anything outside of my mother & myself. That night he was ecstatic & that’s all I could ask for.

A few months ago auntie Jill announced she was going on tour and I knew I had to be there with my father. Once the tickets were on sale & I saw the price for 1 seat in the balcony at the MGM, I knew my chances of seeing her were shot! A few days later I looked at the other location on stubhub and I have never called my mother so fast lol. I wasn’t letting this go by because it was in my budget and it would be the perfect gift for Father’s Day.

Months and months go by and I couldn’t say a word to my father about anything! I rarely keep anything from my father so this was so hard for me. But the morning of June 18th I rushed upstairs with his card ready to just rip it open for him. Here’s his reaction: ​


So on June 27th, we went on our Daddy Daughter date to see our fav, Jill Scott. With this being my first time seeing her I knew I was going to cry, loose my voice, and have pics and videos galore. And yes, all of that happened lol. The smile this man had all day was the icing on the cake.

Now this jumpsuit 🤤 I was searching high and low for the perfect fit the week before the concert & couldn’t find anything. So I stepped out my shopping comfort zone and tried a new store. I went into A’GACI not expecting to find anything to fit simple fact that they don’t carry my size. I grabbed a few pieces expecting them not to look right on me or go pass my thighs lol. That happened with every piece I had except for this bad boy! The moment I looked in the mirror and I had on a size Large jumpsuit, I was SHOOKETH! I took it off and purchased it right then and there! I must say ya girl looks real good, shoooot we both do.

Outfit Details:

Jumpsuit: A’GACI

Earrings: Gifted

Clutch: Coach Factory

Here’s just a little look into the wonderful night!


THE WAY x Jill Scott

Have a fabulous weekend & alwayZ remember to TREAT YO SELF (and somebody else once in a while) Hope you had a great time daddy! I know I did and I can’t wait for the next show!!

See you in the next one!

Xoxo, Jonice 💕



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