Romper SZN 

Helluurrrr and welcome to Friday!!!


Okay, we all know am here for all kinds of jumpsuits or match sets, right? Well I have a confession, I actually never gave rompers a chance 😱 It’s not that I didn’t feel good in any, they just weren’t appealing.  I saw a few some last summer, yes SOME were cute, but baby you not about to take my grandma’s curtains out her living room, sew it up and call it a romper. I felt like the options that were available in stores or online for plus size women were not doing it for me. They were all either a print that was just doing the most or not enough.  Nowadays I’m seeing more that I will take a chance on. I actually purchased one not too long ago the moment I left the fitting room.

I fell for this beauty one day while on my lunch break. Now that I think about it, this exact jumpsuit is probably sitting in one of my wish lists on forever21 lol. Also yellow is slowly becoming a favorite in my closet. I’ve been basking in this gorgeous color since that cheeto was elected president. Yellow is known to for happiness, clarity, and optimism. I feel like the more I see this color and wear it, it will bring slight happiness to my day or situation. Try it on for size, you might just like it as much as I do.

Anywho, as is light and comfortable as this romper is, please don’t wear it in 90 degree weather. I only say this because of the long sleeves. I felt like in the short period of time of me making moves, I was going to pass out! I had to come home and change my clothes lol. The romper is perfect for a early day move or a night on the town. Push through with some strapy sandals or flats (flip flops) like me.  Comfort is key in every look and rompers or any jumpsuit for that matter can come save the day. I bet the moment you find that one, you’ll never turn away.

Outfit Details:

Romper: Forever 21

Jewelry: Ma’s Dresser

Purse: Fashion To Figure

Shoes: Ma’s Closet

With the hype over men rompers I thought that today’s post would be perfect to bring it up. When I first saw the hashtag #RompHim I was dying of laughter from tweets and pictures of some men in rompers. I had the same reaction to the rompers from last season, sickening. Those are a few that just scream “BOY WHY DID YOU LEAVE THE HOUSE”, but I then I saw a few good men in some and I must say I am impressed!

They didn’t look like curtains or pajamas and I am so excited about it. I can’t wait to see where this new trend will take men’s clothing this summer. Will brands move with the movement or build a bridge over it like men in crop tops? Like i say to all my readers,  do you boo! if you feeling it and your bae is too, y’all should strut around and show off together. It’s not everyday a girl can say that her and her man slayed in rompers together.

If your bae asked you about him wearing a romper would you look at him like he crazy or gas him up and go shopping for rompers together? Find out on the next episode of SOACG LMAOOOOO  #WhatATimeToBAlive

And then you have the memes that will alwayz have you laughing lol go on twitter and get yourself the laugh of the day!!

Have a great weekend, let the jokes continue to fly, & most importantly don’t forget to #RompHim lol

Xoxo, Jonice 💕

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