I’ll Never Take You for Granted 

Jeans have been a staple…better yet a go to in my wardrobe for a long period of time. There’s nothing like having a few favorite pair of jeans or that one pair & wearing them when you want. I could wear them everyday because they were allowed at my former job.

My new job? Not so much.

(SN: if you haven’t listen to DAMN. by Kendrick Lamar, what are you doing? Go now!) Annyyywhhoooo….

Whenever I get the chance to pull out my “old faithfulls”  you won’t hear me complaining. Y’all probably asking “Jonice why don’t you just wear jeans on the weekend or on your days off.” Baby, weekends mean nothing when you work in retail, but Sundays are usually the only day I’m guaranteed to be off. And when I’m off I’m usually like this:

But I decided to take full advantage of the day and not be a homebody. No, I had no plans. I just took time to be with me. Me Days are so essential and good for the soul. These days usually get pushed back for rescheduling or overlooked completely. I realized that after working back to back and always on the move, I NEED TIME FOR ME! If you don’t get the chance to do this for yourself often, take a day off and do something for yourself. If that means going shopping, turning your phone on DND and watching Netflix, or just sitting in the house, TREAT YO SELF!

You want to know something else? It also felt GREAT not to be in all black or have any black on for that matter. Y’all know I have no problem wearing black, but the joys of wearing bright colors can really do wonders.

I was able to purchase the top and purse with the gift card that I won at the District of Curves Fashion Show 💪🏾 It came right on time because I felt the need to treat myself….with somebody else’s money 😂 I also purchased the shoes the day of the show while running around looking for something to wear. I usually don’t buy new shoes often as I do clothes, but my collection is looking pretty weak and it’s time for a change. I must say it was a cute pick up for $20 😝

I definitely need to reup on some new jeans; Boyfriend, black distressed, acid washed, and plenty more. In order to do that some spring cleaning must take place. (I have plenty of clothes that I’m not wearing anymore and could be worn by somebody else. Keep your eyes open. A closet sale could be happening soon).

Not being able to wear whatever I want to work is a blessing, honestly. It allows me to explore within my style & shop at new places. I’ve found a new love and appreciation for my jeans, the new pairs to come. Know that whatever I get new, it won’t be taken for granted. Nor will I!

Outfit Details: 

Top, Jeans, and Purse: Fashion To Figure

Shoes: Rainbow 

Y’all know me cute, casual, & looking for a new way to treat myself. 25/8.

*Ahem* if you know of any brands or places that sell great pair of jeans for plus size women send them my way. I appreciate it ✨

See you in the next one!

Xoxo, Jonice 💕

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