Go Red

National Wear Red Day is Friday, February 3, 2017! 

Go red for her? You might be wondering who this woman is and why you should go red. She is 1 in 3 women who die each year because of heart disease. That is one woman dying every 80 seconds. This disease is very real and very powerful. Thankfully, The American Heart Association is doing everything they can to raise awareness and fund the research to find a cure.

You may not know someone personally that suffers from heart disease, but do it for the ones you don’t know. Wear red with pride today knowing that people are finding the cure to end this disease. Do it for you, your niece, your mom, your next door neighbor, and the countless women that have lost the fight. Spread the awareness so that lives may be changed.

I wear red for her.

Outfit Details:

Dress: Fashion To Figure 

Duster: Calvin Klein

Shoes: Guess 

Enjoy your weekend & donate if you can to the American Heart Association. Every penny counts to the lives that will be saved. 


See you in the next one

Xoxo, Jonice ❤️


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