Bask in Yellow 

It’s something about the color yellow. It’s bright, bold, and daring. It screams look at me! Honestly, truly. I love this color not only because it’s my late grandma’s favorite color, but because it has a power that can instantly change my mood! I can’t describe it, but when I come across home decor, clothing,  or anything yellow the power happens! I might sound crazy, but it’s true. 

Of course when I came across this top while shopping with my mother I had to get it. The plus side to purchasing this top, it was on sale! Marked down 70%-80%. On sale, yellow, and in my size? In that moment I knew it was my mine. 

Yes, the top is everything, but what would I wear it with. Jeans? Yeah, but not the look I want to go for. Skirt? Ehhh nah. I was clueless until it hit me I had some pants that I got last year from…..THE THRIFT STORE! I was saving money left and right & IT FELT SO GOOD! Both pieces were the perfect match and under $40!

The detail on the pants & the money saved made this look complete. Simple, saving money, and slaying. What’s a better way to end the week and start the weekend. 

Outfit Details: 

Top: Anne Klein (Macy’s)

Bottoms: Thrift Store 

Shoes: JustFab

Purse: Fashion To Figure 

Enjoy your Friday even though today  America is getting a rude orange man with a resume not suit to become president. Take a shot for you & me because we’re all gonna need it. 

See you in the next one! 

Xoxo, Jonice 💕

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