Wondering why the title is Summall? When I woke up, I was expecting to put on a sweater and boots. I checked Twitter and the weather app and I was in for a surprise. I read HIGH OF 82!! 82?!? Last time I checked this is not Florida people. I LIVE IN MARYLND! Of course after putting majority of my summer clothes away, I had to search high and low for something that wouldn’t make me have a heat stroke and I put this together.

Crop top, skinny jeans, & my olive jacket to give it the fall touch: the perfect summall look. The shades just give this and any look the extra kick. You may never know when you need to be shady lol

Outfit Details:

Top, Skinny Jeans, Shades & Jacket: Fashion To Figure 

Shoes: Coach Factory 

Next time? Same place? 😘

Xoxo, Jonice 

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