Flower Chile

It has been a long time coming when it comes to this look. I’m always wearing a cardigan or some jacket to complete some of my looks. When it comes to this right here, my cardigan dreams have come true. I went into Forever 21 with the intestions of getting a few basic tees and a dress, nothing too crazy. I came across something completely different.


This floral print chifon dress is everything that I have every wanted. You can do so many different looks with just this piece alone and with a few basic pieces as well. Button the dress completely down, throw on some sandals, and your favorite shades and slay the entire day away. You could also go for a simular look like me. Depending on the weather you can wear jeans,shorts, or a skirt  and thigh high boots to make it real sexy.



Yall know I have no problem showing my tummy, but I know everybody isn’t. Style it how you want to how comfortable you are becuase that’s all that matter.Once you feel good in what you wear, it will radiate off you and everybody will be able to see it. Enjoy these last few days of summer becuase my favorte season is right around the corner.

Outfit Details:

Dress: Forever 21+

Bralette & Jeans: Fashion To Figure

Shoes: Thirft Store

Xoxo, Jonice


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