Slits, Knots, and Holes

It’s something about these jeans. Yes, my thighs are all out and showing but I love them. It gives the jeans an edgy feel. They are the perfect fit. Tight enough on my hips to stay up, but lose enough on my thighs so they aren’t squeezing through the holes.

The two slit see through shirt is an amazing top to wear with the jeans. You can tie a knot in the front like I did or leave it hanging. Keep it cute and comfy with some tennis shoes or dress it up with a pair of pumps on a night out on the town.No matter how you would have your look make it you and you will forever  S L A Y!
Outfit Details: 

Top: Fashion To Figure 

Jeans: Forever 21+

Shoes: Coach Factory

Jewelry: Vintage 

Enjoy the remainder of your Thursday and get ready for the weekend!!!

Xoxo, Jonice

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