E&C Bringing Greatness 

Over the years plus size swim suits have been trash in my opinion. Tankinis to cover the belly and shorts as bottoms because plus size women ‘can’t show skin’. Recently, that has changed with Monif C and her gorgeous suits, Gabi Fresh & Ashley Graham teaming up with swimsuitsforall and giving plus size women exactly what we want when it comes to swimwear. We want and deserve to look sexy too and that’s exactly what has happened.

To add to that list of greatness, two of my favs, Essie Golden & Chanté of ECAC, have collaborated with Rebdolls with an amazing swim collection. 

The suits above are just a few pieces of the collection that are to die for! Head over to Rebdolls.com to get yours fast before it’s too late! I’d run if I were you.
…remember to visit rebdolls.com

That’s REBDOLLS.com ☺️

Xoxo, Jonice 

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