Hello Yellow

June 27, 1933 my favorite old lady graced the earth with her presence. Throughout the 80 years that she was here, she had a huge impact on so many people lives. I knew that was the case but I didn’t see it for myself until her funeral. So many people came out to show their respects to her at her final resting place.


This entire weekend I’ve been wearing yellow! Yellow roses were her favorite flower and since I wasnt able to get my hands on any yellow roses, in honor of her 83rd birthday I’m continuing to wear one of her favorite colors.

IMG_8726IMG_8730IMG_8747IMG_8797 Of course the dress and duster are from none other than Fashion To Figure! I’ve had this dress for a while but never had the chance to wear it, but today was the perfect day! Wearing silver and gold sandals & grandma’s rings to complement the dress are the go to for this look!

Not a day goes by that I don’t miss my gram gram. I said everything I do is for her and this post and SOACG are nothing new! I miss you like crazy gram & I hope I’m making you proud!


Outfit Details:

Dress & Duster: Fashion To Figure

Jewlery: Gram’s Jewlery Box

Shoes: Vintage

Xoxo, Jonice



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