Old Faithful

Just when I thought I needed some more maxi dresses, I still will be getting more, I came across old faithful. When this dress was handed down to me I honestly thought it was going to be too long & too big. As soon as I put it on it was extremely long but not too big. With the dress being so big and long, the flow of the dress is perfect when the wind is blowing. 

I love love love this dress. From the color to the comfort of this dress, I am in love! Today’s weather is just right, not too hot and definitely not as humid. I promise that during the summer I’ll will get more dresses like this. SAY YES TO THE SUNDRESSES!! 

Outfit Details: 

Dress: Ma’s Closet 

Jewlery: vintage 

Shades: Fashion To Figure

Keep cool and enjoy your day 

Xoxo, Jonice 

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