Yesterday was the perfect day to wear a sundress. No clouds in the sky, a slight breeze, and nothing but good vibes! 

When I laid my eyes on this dress it was love at first sight. From the print on the dress to the hidden slit, my body was ready for this dress to be mine. I knew that whenever I would wear this I would have to be seen and yesterday was that day! 

 As you can tell the neckline is very deep. I usually would pin a neckline that deep, but I stepped out my comfort zone and kept it just like this. I knew that a necklace would be needed especially since I wasn’t pinning it! The 5-chain necklace was perfect! It brought attention, but completed the look. I was also skeptical about what sandals to wear, but that didn’t matter at all. With me being so short the dress actually covered my feet (BONUS!!) 

I felt so good in this dress and definitely will be wearing it more than once. I’ll be on the look out for many more sundresses to slay in this season. This is just the beginning! 

Outfit Details:

Dress, Jewelry, & Shades: Fashion To Figure

Have an amazing week because the this week the weather will be!

Xoxo, Jonice 


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