Anything but Black 

Heyyyy! 👋🏾 

This week it officially will feel like spring. There will be no interruptions of cold wind or random snow! Time to bring out all the clothes that scream springtime. For me that means wearing anything but black. Since it’s going to be in the 70s this week, I plan to do just that. 

As you know dresses are my thing, but skirts are the next best thing. It’s just as versatile as a dress. You can pair a skirt with graphic tees, button downs, pullovers, & sometimes even a dress. 

As you know I love love love this skirt. It’s not the first time y’all have seen it. It’s so bright & perfect for today’s weather. Since I’ll be at work majority of the day my everyday Coach sneakers are the perfect shoes.  

The cheetah print skirt from Rebdolls & Garner Style is perfect to pair with  a denim shirt. Wearing a denim skirt with a bold bottom is always a classic look to go for. 

Whatever you decide to wear during the transition from winter to spring, be cute, be bright, & definitely be bold! 

Xoxo, Jonice 



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