I love neutrals. They can complete a look or be a look all on their own. Today they are all on their own. 

You probably can tell that I love this fringe cardigan from FTF. I’ve worn it on many occasions & more than likely will wear it more as the weather changes. Pairing it with the khaki pants that are also from FTF gave me to chance to play around with neutral colors. Wearing the teal sweater is that pop of color that completes the look. I feel like if I were to wear a black shirt or any dark color shirt it would down play the neutrals. 

I’m just trying to bring the spring juju on because this cold weather is a drag now lol. I know I can’t be the only one over it. This week it’s gonna be in the 60s so I’m preparing now. Slowing bring those bright colors out to play.

Outfit Details: 

Top: Vintage

Cardigan & Bottoms: Fashion To Figure

Shoes: Coach Factory 

Jewelry: Vintage 

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