Happy Monday babies! How was your weekend? Mine? It was great! It was my first baecation & my first time to Myrtle Beach. Let me tell you, this was an amazing trip to start the new year with! I didn’t know what to expect when going to the beach in their winter, especially since we didn’t go to Florida or somewhere with warm weather. I’ve realized that just from this trip I will be making more trips like this more often.

We stayed at one of the prettiest hotels that had an amazing view of the beach. Since it was off season, the room was very affordable. Let’s just say there was plenty money saved for more activities around the beach area. I would definitely recommend to travel to beaches during the off season if you ever just want to get away.

Of course I didn’t go swimming because A. It wasn’t warm enough (but some people did that stayed at the hotel). B. I didn’t have time to even think about going to the pool lol. Bae & I spent our weekend basically riding around Myrtle Beach & eating (we’re such foodies).

I know that I will definitely be back again during the off season and hopefully during the summer.

Of course this weekend I was wearing everything FTF (like always). The main looks were on Saturday. Friday riding down I wore the Olive green midi & Saturday I wore my new grey midi & a jumpsuit. YES, A JUMPSUIT!! It has been a while since I found a jumpsuit that actually looks right on me. On many occasions I’ve found the cutest jumpsuits, but they didn’t agree with me 🙄. They either look like I’m drowning in it because of my shortness or it’s too tight on my thigh area. With this bad boy, none of that was the case.

    As you can see it was hugging every curve in the right spot and it wasn’t tight at all. The plus side to this jumpsuit, it has pockets!! Surprisingly the 1x, the size I usually get from FTF, was too big! I had to go down to a 0. I can say that I am very happy with the jumpsuit & suggest you get it too!


If I could wear midis all the time, y’all know I would. These dresses are life savers for me. If I’m being lazy & just need to throw something on, I will go for one of these. My addiction to these are bad, but you know what I do not care. I will continue to get each color they have until I have majority of them, if not all lol.

I hope your weekend was good to you & hope that your week is even better! 😘

Xoxo, Jonice 🔥


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