modiSH & Clutched

In the words of my professors from college, ‘Happy Tuesday!!’

This week in Maryland the weather has been surprisingly nice. So of course with a high of 61 degrees today, this sweater is perfect. It is extra warm and comfy.


I know everyone has at least one pair of distressed jeans. I feel like you can never can go wrong with a pair of distressed jeans. I have a few pair, but these are my all time favorite. Over time, the holes in the jeans have become bigger and bigger and it doesn’t bother me none.


Over the weekend at Pearlina Designs Sip N’ Shop, I had to chance to purchase the necklace I’m wearing from modiSH Boutique and the clutch from Clutched by Toy Michelle.

DSCN2130DSCN2131DSCN2132This is not the first time I’ve brought something from these companies.  I fell in love with each piece as soon as I saw them and I made sure that they were mine before I left the event. I even purchased the same exact necklace in white as well. I couldn’t leave it there. You know when you see something and you love it, you just have to get it.


Outfit Details:

Necklace: modiSH Boutique

Shirt: Macy’s

Clutch: Clutched by Toy Michelle

Cardigan: Flee Market

Jeans & Shoes: Forever 21


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